2 thoughts on “Nikon D750 Lenses”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know if Nikon D750 can use to non full frame lens? Or is it specifically must use full frame lens? As at the moment I am using Nikon D7200. If in future, if I want to change to a full frame dslr camera, what about my present lens can it be use on the Nikon D750 too?
    I am seeking your opinion too. Thank you.

    Thanks and regards
    Rose Zaiton

    1. Hello Rose,
      You can use non-full frame (DX) lenses from your D7200 on the D750, however these lenses will not cover the entire frame so the camera will default to only using the center portion of its sensor. The result is lower resolution images that are about 10MP instead of the full 24MP.

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