Nikon D750 is now shipping

The Nikon D750 has arrived! It started shipping on September 23, 2014. Those who pre-ordered are now starting to receive their cameras. Several retailers have some left in stock, to get yours now see the D750 ordering  information page. For now the body only is in stock. Kits with lens are still on pre-order, but are expected soon. The kit price is the same as the retail price on the camera and lens separately, so you can order the body only and add the same lens for the same cost. There is no other benefit to ordering the kit other than a different box!

Of course with the arrival of a new camera, we have the first unboxing video:

Expect more of these videos to come as others enjoy discovering their new camera.

One thought on “Nikon D750 is now shipping”

  1. HI,

    This isn’t true in the UK. We have three options, body only, body with 24-85mm lens and body with 24-120mm lens.

    The body only costs £1799
    The body with 24-85mm lens costs £2249
    The body with 24-120mm lens costs £2349
    The 24-85mm lens costs £409
    The 24-120mm lens costs £799

    So that means that you save £249 if you purchase the D750 with the 24-120mm lens BUT it costs £41 to get the D750 with the 24-85mm lens.


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